Terms & Conditions

terms and conditions


TGCL, pioneer in offering customized, scalable solutions to companies with an online Presence or startups with an idea to launch.

We understand the requirements to assess and analyze your vision before you take it to end market. We offer Free or highly competitively priced solutions, just keeping that need to evaluate and maximum elimination of risk factor in mind.

With all good intentions of maintaining great professional relation with our customers; we endeavor to work under policies and procedures both conducive for us and our customer and which can help governing smooth flow of both our’s and our customer’s operations.

We encourage and insist that all our customers read, understand and agree to the governing policies of TGCL’s operation before signing up of any service.

Please understand that the policies or procedures are for maintenance of a healthy professional governance and are subject to change. TGCL reserves sole authority and discretion to review and amend any of its policies at any time.

We also welcome our customers/ visitors to forward their comments or suggestions that can help us improve our operations and customer experience or any objections regarding any policy or procedure to tech@thinkglobalcollectlocal.com. We will definitely take your feedback and suggestions into account before our next policies and procedures update.

Please Check the following pages for a complete overview of Our Policies and Procedures:

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  3. EUCD/ DMCA Compliance

  4. Privacy Policy

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