Refund & Money Back Policy

Refund Policy





No Refunds are offered for payment made against a serious box (pro edition dedicated server). We request you to double check your requested configuration and the payment made against it before submitting your order.

24 hours is the maximum time when refund will be processed for a payment made against a Play Box (VPS) from the time of order. No request will be entertained after that.

A valid reason must be provided before any refund request is entertained.

In cases such as performance issues or service unavailable, customer will allow us 48 hours to fix the issue and offer a resolution. If the issue remains unresolved than a full refund will be processed.

A play box (VPS) could be cancelled within first 3 days of its purchase. However, after 3 days if customer requests a refund due to any issues will receive the following refund depending on the plan as described below:

Monthly Plan: Customer is refunded 50% of the payment received. Any fee charged by the Payment Processor will also be deducted.

Half yearly, Annual, 2 or 3 Yearly Plan: Customer is charged 50% of One month payment and the rest of the entire amount is refunded. Any fee charged by the Payment Processor will also be deducted.

In case, we discover malicious activities or content not allowed by our network on your account (Please check our terms of service for more details about the content not allowed on our network here) then the account will be terminated and no refund will be processed.

One time setup fee and payments charged against support or managing your VPS/ Servers are not refundable in all circumstances.

No refunds are applicable for payments made against dedicated server, Domain Registrations & product like license, upgrades, additional IP, Addons etc. are NOT refundable.

All overcharges or billing issues could be disputed via a support ticket (Click here to know more about creating support ticket) and must be reported within 30 days of occurrence of error. No dispute could be referred to PayPal unless TGCL was unable to offer a valid resolution. Any such instances will result in an immediate account termination with no refund.

Only One Refund is applicable per client. Once a client has been refunded for one of his services, he cannot claim a refund for another service without a valid reason.


Customer could demand for a refund for any amount balance in the customer’s account however, any fee charged by the Payment Processor will be deductible to process customer’s request. Customer also has the option available to settle the available credit against his forthcoming invoices or against purchase of other services.

If we are not able to process any refunds via PayPal due to any reason, we will extend the option of refunding using alternative method like Western Union. However, customer will be liable to pay the surcharge charged by any such money transfer service. Customer also has the option available to settle the available credit against his forthcoming invoices or against purchase of other services.

If you downgrade your plan in middle of your bill cycle, No refund will be issued. You will be charged as per new price plan from next billing cycle.


Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our hosting plans.

TGCL will not be liable to honor the money back guarantee in the following cases:

The content uploaded was falling under abuse and banned script on our network as per our terms of service

The content was violating proprietary rights of a third party Copyrights

Customer needs to confirm the intent of discontinuing the services within first 20 days of joining so the account could be terminated on the 29th day and payment refund is processed. All amount will be refunded less any fee charged by the Payment Processor to process the refund. Any requests after 20 days will not be entertained within the 30 days money back guarantee and will be handled as per the standard refund policies.

Any extra charges like One time setup fee, support for plans not including support, managing and designing website, Domain Registration, licenses, upgrades, Addons etc. do not fall under the 30 day money back guarantee and are not refundable under any circumstances.



You confirm by signing up for any of our services that you have read, understood and agree to all the above mentioned terms