TGCL Serious Box is the best option for a medium to large businesses will be to go with a managed server. Getting a dedicated server instead of sharing server space and resources or a limited VPS is always a good choice for growing enterprises where, time and security is of the highest priority. The managed server option from TGCL eliminates many of the issues that may come with having to manage your own server. With a managed server, you get the folllowing:
1. Your dedicated server (Mostly tailormade top the specs of your Choice & Need)
2. Our IT Expert to manage and maintain the system (Cost & Time Saving)
3. Extra Security and maintenance (With a managed server, Our experts keep checking the system for vulnerabilities, scan the system for viruses and keep the software up to date to avoid potential intrusions. We take all possible measures to protect your online assets).
4. 24X 7 survielance to deal with issues with software or hardware that may arise.
5. Contingency Monitoring of servers for any potential inadequacies or failures preventing the issue before, possible future system failures and any significant consequences.
6. Back Ups:
Data integrity is important for all businesses that operates online. Lost data can crash a company’s operation completely. With a managed server, a weekly data back up is included to keep our customers protected from any unforseen, unfavorable situation.

Included with all bare metal servers
Full root level access via Putty or RDP
Unlimited Remote Support
Perimeter Level Firewall, Spam Filter & Antivirus
99.9% uptime guaranteed
Ability to install and customize applications
Branded Server Hardware
Basic SLA With No Cost to Customer for Hardware Parts or Labor for Replacement of Hardware Parts
Locations in Secure, Green & State of Art Data Centers
Free Initial Setup
24X7 Support

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