TGCL power packed Playboxes (virtual private servers) designed to provide the independence.

If you are looking for moving to the next level of shared hosting and looking for cost effective, yet powerful solution than the ideal solution is to start with a VPS (Virtual Private Server). They are not only considered a pocket friendly solution but, also offer more control and scalability.

Moving to a regular or fully managed/ regular VPS will give you more freedom with root access to manage your own Apache, PHP, mail (postfix, dovecot) and other softwares. Additionally you can install SSL certificate for creating more trust and security. All this, without any hassles of managing a physical server. TGCL offers completely customizable VPS (SSD/ SATA).

SSD (Solid State Drives) VPS are 300 times faster than a regular VPS, it is solid state drive which gives you blazing fast data transfers on the network powered by Intel Xeon processors.

You can request your server according to your specifications and we assist with designing your hosting environment with us!

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