Fair Usage

Fair Usage


Payments received by our customers are against services provided by TGCL bounded by terms dictated in the Terms of Services document which could be viewed here.

TGCL guarantees 99.9% uptime 365 days an year. Any lapse in services offered from our side will result in an immediate compensation. We will offer the same amount of downtime for free to all our customers. Major issues could also result in a whole month for free, However, this will be at sole discretion of TGCL and its management.

The compensation might be offered in the same or the forthcoming bill cycle depending on the adjustment possibilities.

We are always in best preparation to overcome a system failure, network outage however, our customers agree and understands that natural calamities or act of god can be beyond immediate recovery and no services in such situations will be compensated by TGCL.

We are constantly vigil and keep checking for network or hardware issues. We notify our impacted customers via e- mail immediately if any such issue is identified.

We expect our customers to cooperate and use reasonable, legal and allowed scripts/ software on the server. Server load is benchmarked continuously to identify performance issues and the reason causing the issue.

List of Banned Scripts & Policy

The following activities are banned, it contains either illegal / harmful / malicious / increase server loads etc.

  • Proxy Servers / Websites

  • Anonymous Mailers

  • Terrorist Activities

  • Gaming not allowed

  • Abusing of Resources

  • Telnet or SSH Access Scripts

  • Fake Login Pages

  • Streaming Services

  • Hacking Tools

  • Mail Bombers/Sending Spam Emails

  • Proxy Servers / Websites

  • Lottery/Gambling Sites

  • Investment Sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme)

  • DDoS Attacks

  • IP Spoofers

  • Any kind of IRC Bots

  • Child porn

  • Fraudulent/Phishing Sites

A much more detailed list could be found in our terms of service

Service Suspension and Termination

Any customer found abusing server resources or violate any of the terms of service stated under the terms of service document, will result in immediate account termination without notice More detailed information can be found in our terms of service document.


We have provisions of back up runs on our hosting services once every 48 hours. On-Demand Backup Restorations of any files, directory or the entire hosting account is possible against a fee of 5 Euros (One time). We will restore your data from our most recent backup we have available. It could be requested via e-mail to tech@thinkglobalcollectlocal.com or via creating a support ticket.

We offer managed services over your VPS or dedicated servers where we can offer back up provisions if required against a competitive charge.

Otherwise, Your use of all services is at your own risk. We don’t provide any kind of backup system/service unless expressly asked to do so.. You must take your own backup manually by yourself. We are not responsible for files and/or data residing on your account. We are NOT responsible for any kind of Data Loss caused due to any reason.

Service Level Agreement

In case of any issues identified on our network: Our response time is less than 10 minutes and we ensure smooth sailing of our network in all possible situations. However the maximum SLA for a technical issue will be within 48 hours.

6. Changes to the Terms of Fair Usage

TGCL reserves the right to review and revise these Terms of fair usage at any time without notice.