About TGCL


We here at TGCL welcome you to a whole new planet of enhancing your tech experience.

We are a young team which started out in 2013 with facilitating online payments as our core vertical. However, with the increasing demands of the eCommerce sector & booming startup sphere, our team decided to rustle up variations that were more centered towards providing FREE or low cost solutions.

Besides payments, Our Product portfolio now incorporates Domain registration, Hosting, VPS solution, Dedicated servers, Logistics & Customer Support Solutions from across Europe.

Our team has years of experience contributing towards success of Fortune 500 companies globally within Telecom, Infrastructure and Online payments. Alongside, our solution, we also bring to table the years of experience that our team possesses to facilitate operations where we become an integral part turning your GOALS to reality.


The right web hosting solution is an important consideration for any business that operates online.TGCL Hosting Plans are optimized to deliver best streaming video & audio quality or file sharing

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If you are looking for moving to the next level of shared hosting and looking for cost effective, yet powerful solution than the ideal solution is to start with a VPS (Virtual Private Server). They are not only considered a pocket friendly solution but, also offer more control and scalability.

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The best option for a medium to large businesses will be to go with a managed server. Getting a dedicated server instead of sharing server space and resources or a limited VPS is always a good choice for growing enterprises where, time and security is of the highest priority. The managed server option from TGCL eliminates many of the issues that may come with having to manage your own server.

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Having more than one business means having to manage multiple sites. It is also a possibility that you have been doing well in your brick and mortar start up and now you want to enter in the dynamics of online business and are enthusiastic to taste the the same level of success online too. Whatever, the situation; we have a solution to save you both time and money¬†with TGCL’s managed websites plans.

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